Shane Dulgeroff is offering the world worlds first ever NFT that offers a property with its sale. The auction ends this Friday at 3 PM April 23rd.

The buyer who’s offer is accepted will have the opportunity to own a piece of history of both a digital and physical investment.

 The real estate included is located at 221 Dryden St, Thousand Oaks, CA, 91360. The property offers two modern, two-bedroom, one-bathroom rental units. Each unit features newer appliances, wide plank wood flooring throughout, and collectively generates over $60,000 in total annual rents. The property also has city-approved permits for an additional third rental unit to be added. This home can be purchased using cryptocurrency or conventional financing. Contact Shane Dulgeroff directly at (805)-630-4458 to purchase conventionally. If purchased conventionally, the NFT will be transferred into the buyer’s wallet upon close of escrow.

 The NFT will be designed in partnership with award-winning artist, Kii Arens who has worked with the likes of Lady Gaga, The Rolling Stones, Coachella, Dolly Parton, Radiohead, and the list goes on. The digital art piece was created based on Aren’s interpretation of 221 Dryden St. and what a home can be. To Arens, a home is the buyer’s own world and this NFT artwork reflects that. This piece of art will allow the buyer to live within the digital world’s vision of the property while also receiving a physical world asset. A key detail of the artwork will be a digitally replicated snapshot of the property’s view of the famous San Gabriel Mountains.


As Seen On

Property Walk-Through

How to Bid:

  • In order to purchase the NFT you will need to buy Ethereum (cryptocurrency).
  • The simplest method is to download MetaMask in the App Store or as a Google chrome extension, click add funds using your credit card, and then you will now have the Ethereum required for purchase.
  • MetaMask will also act as your wallet where the NFT will be stored once purchased.
  • One MetaMask is installed, click “Bid Now!” Below and connect your wallet to
  • You will then be able to bid on this listing!